My Art is on the walls of Kennedy’s Food Store in Clontarf!


image10I am delighted to share the good news that my most recent artwork is now on display on the walls of Kennedy’s Food Store on Vernon Avenue in Clontarf!  I am so happy to be given this opportunity for some local exposure!Poolbeg-Chimneys-with-Brent-GeeseThe pieces on display are colourful and contemporary and are inspired by nature and the beauty of Clontarf.  Some also depict the iconic architecture of Dublin City Centre.Ladies-Shelter-A3-webimage7

Please feel free to drop into Kennedy’s (upstairs) to have a closer look.. The food is yummy and the staff are lovely too!

A big thank you to Tara Carr of Tara Carr Design for helping in the set-up and hanging of the work and thanks also to Shane Bourke at Kennedy’s for this opportunity!

Amy X



8 thoughts on “My Art is on the walls of Kennedy’s Food Store in Clontarf!

  1. Saw your pictures today, they are fab! Just sitting having a coffee and noticed them, slightly out of my budget but one day!


  2. Hi Amy ,
    I love your prints , particularly as I grew up in Dublin ( Coolock … but not the coolock that gets bad press …. ). Myself and my husband spect three years living in Clontarf too .
    I found you on Etsy and plan to purchase sth soon .
    We have a local framing shop in Carlow town , the prices are ridiculous……
    I just left a beautiful map of my much loved castle haven bay & islands … to be framed … and it’s beyond crazy …
    If you could suggest a framer … who is good and competitively priced .. it makes purchasing a print for framing …I’d be most greatful !
    Great work .!!
    Melissa ❤️


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